Bundock Street Clinic is a specialist medical/allied health practice that provides a unique service to both mental health and podiatry patients.

Podiatry Services


As accredited podiatrists, the staff at Judy Satish Podiatry clinic provide expert foot care to people of all ages, including children, adults and seniors. Bulk billing for EPC Care Plans is available from the clinic.

With a holistic approach to foot care, we do not just treat your symptoms – we get to the root of your foot problems and lower leg complaints to provide diagnosis, treatment, symptom management advice, injury prevention techniques and specialised foot care products.
Foot — Bundock Street Clinic in Belgian Gardens, QLD

Aged-Care Podiatry


We treat the specialist podiatry needs of seniors in the Townsville area, diagnosing and treating foot problems such as skin conditions, ingrown toenails, calluses and corns, arthritis-related pain, sore arches and bone injuries.

Proper foot care for the elderly is important to ensure the patient’s quality of life and therefore their independence is not restricted due to foot pain and mobility problems. Senior citizens should have an appointment with a podiatrist at least once a year, even if they are not experiencing foot problems.

With vast experience in aged-care foot health, we understand the particular foot complaints suffered by the elderly. We provide regular nursing home visits throughout Townsville and Charters Towers as well as home visits for those people who are unable to attend our clinic. Our clinic welcomes Department of Veteran Affairs cardholders.
Sports Injuries — Bundock Street Clinic in Belgian Gardens, QLD

Biomechanics & Sports Injuries


We provide specialist high-risk foot care for people who are more susceptible to foot injuries, such as those who are involved in sports or highly physical occupations. Our treatment of foot, ankle and lower limb injuries is evidence-based and tailored to the specific needs of each individual, thus ensuring that their health, fitness and lifestyle goals can be achieved.

Using specialist biomechanical techniques to assess musculoskeletal and physical characteristics, the podiatrists at Judy Satish Podiatry can provide cutting edge, personalised diagnoses and treatment plans to ensure your feet function properly and painlessly for the rest of your life.
Feet — Bundock Street Clinic in Belgian Gardens, QLD

Specialist Diabetes Podiatrist


People with diabetes are prone to foot problems and must schedule regular visits to a podiatrist as part of their health management plan. It is important to have an ongoing foot pathology recorded to ensure potentially serious problems are avoided.

Diabetes damages the nerves in the feet and affects blood flow in the lower body, which makes it difficult for injuries to heal. People with diabetes are prone to infections so even minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and blisters can turn into more serious problems if not treated quickly.
Podiatry Products — Bundock Street Clinic in Belgian Gardens, QLD

Podiatry Products


We provide a range of high-quality podiatry products to treat common and serious foot problems. Our range of podiatry products includes treatments for skin conditions, comfort pads for corns and calluses, fungal toenail treatments, arch supports, insoles, gel heal pads, compression bandages, stockings, orthoheel thongs and other footwear.

It is important to organise an appointment with your podiatrist before purchasing any podiatry products to ensure your foot problems are correctly treated. Ill-fitting foot or leg support products can cause back, neck, knee and posture problems or injuries. We use biomechanical techniques to prescribe the correct orthotics, support and footwear products for your individual needs.

Our Services


Our qualified podiatrists provide expert care for our patients at our professional clinic and during nursing home consultations. We not only provide health care services, but also offer professional advice and education about your symptoms and diagnoses. If you are a new client, we can assist you with information on your condition, so you have a full understanding of the procedures and homecare methods you can employ.

Judy Satish Podiatry utilise podiatric equipment for comprehensive diagnosis of your symptoms, including biomechanical analysis. All of our orthotics are custom designed for your needs.

To make an appointment with our podiatry team, contact the Bundock Street Clinic on (07) 4721 1822.

Judy Satish Podiatry also consults at Carlyle Gardens, RSL Villas Rowes Bay, Blue Care Charters Towers, Collinsville Hospital, and Burdekin Community Association, Ayr.

Judy also has a home visit service for clients who are unable to attend the clinic.